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My new newsletter archive

I've been quite upset with the newsletter archive provided by Mailchimp (here's mine). It only displays the 20 last emails and doesn't look very great. Also, the call-to-action to sign up isn't perfect. For comparison, just have a look at how Revue does it (example: Johannes Klingebiel's great newsletter), it's so much better!

Also, my personal website is quite rusty. Since I moved my writing to this newsletter (and Medium), there hasn't been a lot going on on my Wordpress installation.

This is why, as a fun project to learn to code, I chose to develop my own "email archive" to replace my Wordpress blog. This is what it currently looks like (very WIP):

It's a great little project for coding beginners because it combines simple stuff (fetch data from the Mailchimp API, save it to a database, display it) with the possibility to do more (analytics, better design, more APIs, tagging...).

Do you currently have a side projects to improve your development/design/writing/... skills? I'm interested!
Feedback on the screenshot is highly appreciated! Hope to be able to launch it in a bit

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