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Let's get this master's thesis done 💪

Oh no, another new year's resolution.

In the last months, I noticed that I need to invest a little more in myself. This is why (besides more writing in the evenings) I decided to finally sit down and finish my master's thesis, which I have been pushing away all of 2016. I always wanted to do this, but after work, I just didn't have enough energy get it done.

This is why I want to get this done in the mornings. Here's what I'm currently adjusting my schedule to:
  • 6:00: Wake up
  • 6:10: Watch a TED talk while doing a morning workout
  • 6:30: Shower + breakfast
  • 7:00: Focus on one master's thesis task for 2 hours
  • 9:00: Relax
  • 9:30: Start work day with productive 2-hour sessions
  • ...
I will keep you posted it this is working out. Hopefully, I can tell you more about my thesis in a bit. 🚀

Btw: My post about our fake news Twitter bot just got published on the Huffington Post UK Blog 🙌. You can find it here.
Any goals to structure your day differently in 2017?

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