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Zenkit and Mixmax

We're still in discovery mode with our new idea. This means we focus a lot on validating the concept to make sure we're developing the right thing.

This means, while Alex is working on several testable prototypes, that I'm spending most of my time on outreach: emailing agencies, independent voice developers, and startups to find out main pain points in their processes.

Two tools have been really useful the last two weeks:


Zenkit, a startup from Karlsruhe, Germany (full disclosure: I know them) markets itself as a more flexible Trello alternative.

And they're right! We recently switched from Trello to track our outreach "funnel". Here are a few things that I especially love about the tool:
  • Horizontal grouping: Define labels and separate groups of entries by "swimlanes": I did this to have different kanbans for different user segments, while still having everything in one sheet
  • Additional labels: I added labels like location, introduction from, outreach channel, contact details, outreach "angle" and others. I can store (and group by) all information I want. This makes it a really powerful CMS

These are the columns that I currently use: Intro possible?, Pipeline, Reached out, Followed Up, Answered, Call/Meeting scheduled, Followed Up, Keep in Loop, No Interest :(
Anything you would add?

And here's the second tool I just started using:


When you're reaching out to dozens of people and try to schedule meetings with them, it's quite some back and forth, until a date is set that suits everyone.

This is where Mixmax works really great. It's a Gmail-plugin that helps you easily access stuff like email templates and calendar features. With a few simple clicks, you can suggest slots for a meeting. The other person just accepts, and calendar invites are sent out automatically. Genius! Already saved me a lot of time.

What tools are you using to reach out to people?
- Jan

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