Hi, I'm Jan König 👋. I'm one of the founders of Jovo, 28 years old, and live in Berlin. < Go back to learn more.

Hi there, I'm back

Hey there!

It's been a while. Almost exactly 1.5 years since my last email. In case you don't remember me: I'm Jan. While founding a company, I noticed that it's sometimes difficult to take a step back and reflect on all the things that happen every day. So I decided to start a newsletter to make reflection a habit. Here's my very first email from January 2016

TL;DR: I'm going to revive this newsletter again. Every Monday, I want to reflect on what I learned the previous week, and write a short letter about it.

Quick refresher: After a few ups and a lot of downs with our previous startup, my co-founder Alex and I started a new company and joined a voice accelerator in April last year. This announcement was one of my last emails.

During and after the accelerator, it happened again. While working on early versions of Jovo (+ finally finishing my masters thesis in April this year), I forgot about writing the newsletters. There was just too much other stuff occupying my mind. However, on a train ride a few days ago, I read through a few of my old thoughts (feels like reading an old diary) and realized how important it is for me to reflect and write down stuff.

This is why I want to start writing a weekly newsletter again. 

And I'm aware that 1.5 years have been quite a while, so it's totally OK if you want to unsubscribe. No hard feelings.

Regarding topics, Here's what I'm currently thinking/learning a lot about:
  • Company structure: Challenges of growing the Jovo team (we're still small with 3 full-time, 3 part-time, but currently growing)
  • Community: Growing our open source community
  • Product: We're currently working on v2 of Jovo + adding a new product to the portfolio

What are you interested in? Happy to hear from you!

Looking forward,

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