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My (not so voluntary) hiatus from "always online"

Hey there! In case you wondered (and I hope you did 😛) why I haven't sent out any newsletters in the last 2 weeks: I moved to a new apartment! 

It has been some busy weeks, ultimately ending with myself sitting there, not having any internet. Bummer. I probably won't have internet until the end of this month, which completely breaks my evening routine of writing this newsletter, hmpf.

However, I learned that not being online all the time is very helpful: I'm more focuses when I'm online (at work) and more relaxed when I'm at home.

We got some stuff done in the previous weeks: 
  • Changed the HashtagNow landing page to reduce manual overhead
  • Added a new Trending on Twitter section that shows trends for each location
  • And finally, our Udemy course on how to create a chatbot is live!!
Very interested in your feedback! You can get a free coupon to the course by clicking on the image below (50 coupons available until Sunday)
Also, we're currently running 3 experiments to test out business models. I'm going to talk about those in my next newsletters.

See you soon!

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